Our abundant rains last spring produced an especially dazzling show of flowers at the Garden Park.

Even though we had to cancel our usual classes and community events, solitary appreciation of beauty is still permitted!

So we invited artists to paint at the Garden Park and submit their works for a competition.

The artists were a delight, so pleased to enjoy the Garden Park, masks and all.


On Saturday October 3 the Garden Park will be presenting

a Harvest of Art and Delicious Local Food, a meal for four including

cocktails, appetizer, salad vegetables, main course, dessert and

wine delivered to your home in Laguna Beach.

For more information and reservations go to


For Reservations go to: 


The art auction will conclude as a part of this celebration.

Charitable Ventures of Orange County (CVOC), a 501 (c) (3) organization,
is fiscal sponsor for the Garden Park. (Tax ID#20-8756660).

On-line reservations and donations may be made at

South Laguna Civic Association
P.O. Box 9668 Laguna Beach, CA 92652

About the Garden

Beginning in 2009 with the permission of the property owner, devoted garden volunteers, through the South Laguna Civic Association, have been creating and operating the South Laguna Community Garden Park. The Garden Park continues to be cared for by the gardeners while it provides opportunities to grow vegetables and flowers in family plots. Except for the temporary closure due to the Covid 19 restrictions it is open to the public every day as a park. Visitors enjoy strolling among the plots, eating their lunch or just relaxing and enjoying the garden overlook. It is a center of community life. Educational workshops and community events are offered throughout the year.

The art works were judged by our jury: Bill Atkins, graphic artist and art director of Gallery Q; Jonathan Burke, former president of Laguna College of Art and Design; and Carole Zavala, painter, art teacher and one of the founders of Gallery Q.

The art is on display now at 31709 Coast Highway, Laguna Beach.  

Auction Ends October 5th at 5:00 PM PST.

This year we celebrate in a modified form the Garden Park’s success at bringing the Laguna Beach community together while producing beauty and promoting healthy living.