ROW YOUR BOAT Original Oil Painting by Terry Houseworth

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ROW YOUR BOAT Original 11×14 Oil Painting by Terry Houseworth

Terry Houseworth is best known for his memorable last name (origin unknown). However, most locals know him for his captivating oil paintings. Terry is inspired by the simple act of painting straight from the heart, using paint to capture nature, scenery, and images that moved him most.

With a keen interest and plenty of practice, Terry learned two skills early in life; art and music. Starting with being self-taught and recognized for his artistic skills in high school, to an art degree, followed by a graphics career and business, and ending as a plein air and studio fine art painter. He has also been a musician for nearly his entire life.

As a full time artist, he is constantly exploring new ideas and methods in painting. Terry falls outside the confines of any particular artistic movement or period, but was significantly influenced by historic artists such as Syd Mead, Dali, Frank Frazetta, Richard Diebenkorn, M.C. Escher, Bernie Fuchs, and Picasso, and by present-day artists such as Scott Christenson, Clyde Aspevig, Robert Watts, Matt Smith, Mark Boedges, Bryan Mark Taylor, and Dean Mitchell. His approach is twofold: “Even though I continually strive for more expressiveness in my work, I also prefer, proportions and perspective to be relatively accurate; then the application of paint can be more playful.”

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