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Student Artist Program

For over 15 years the Art-A-Fair Foundation has provided exhibition space at the Laguna Art-A-Fair Festival Summer Art Show.  Two high school junior or senior students were chosen from students across the Southern California regions.  They were provided shared exhibition space and 100 % of the money earned from the products they sold were given to the students in the form of a grant to further their art careers.  They were also given valuable mentoring by seasoned artist professionals throughout the summer providing them real world experience as a professional, selling artist.

2021 Student Artist Program

Due to the Covid crisis, we had to postpone our student artist program for 2020.  We will be accepting applications for our 2021 program in the Spring of 2021.

About the Student Artist Program

Each year the Art-A-Fair Foundation chooses two high school juniors or seniors or college freshmen to participate in the Laguna Art-A-Fair Festival.

The Laguna Art-A-Fair Festival is a juried art show with over 100 of Southern California’s top artists, as an exhibiting student artist!

All products created from the student art which will be available for sale are paid for 100% by the Art-A-Fair Foundation! From the booth fixtures to scanning, reproductions of artwork and supplies, everything needed to have a successful show.

With the mentoring of the Foundation board, it is a great opportunity for student artists to not only earn money toward their future art goals but learn how to make art that sells, speak to customers, and gain confidence in their work.

Students wishing to participate must submit their applications and images of their work to the Foundation board. Students are selected from the submissions based on the quality of work and suitability of work to be shown in the Festival. After selection students are interviewed by the Foundation board and two are chosen to participate in the show. Leading up to the show opening the board works with the students to choose works that will represent their style and also be sought after by the buyers at the Festival.

Applicants must review the Past Artists page and the Laguna Art-A-Fair Festival Exhibitors pages

to get a sense of the type of artwork appropriate for this show.

The Art-A-Fair Foundation pays for everything the student needs for a successful show experience:

• The full cost of the booth at the Art-A-Fair Festival.

• For two-dimensional artists ALL framing, printing, and products to sell at the show.

• For three-dimensional artists ALL cost of materials for creating their artwork to sell at the show and studio time (kiln time, etc.)

• Students receive the full value of their artwork sold during the show in the form of grant from the Art-A-Fair Foundation.

• Coaching on selling artwork, working with customers and additional mentoring by many of Southern California’s finest artists.

This is a great opportunity for any student who is passionate about art. We have had even the shyest of artists come out of their shells during the summer and carry that newfound confidence to college and beyond.

To learn more email ron@artafairfoundation.org

2019 Student Artist Videos

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